12G NanoCube LED Aquarium (Black)

by JBJ

MSRP: $249.99 (Log in for Wholesale Pricing)

Model No. MT-408L

PGS Item #10-800-00014

The Nano Cube 12g is the original AIO Aquarium that has made reef keeping easy. Offered in 2 different lighting options, CF or LEDs now to meet the needs of the all hobbyists from beginner to the serious reef enthusiast. All models come standard with (2) built-in cooling fans to dissipate excess heat, a new highly effcient drivers, 3 stage filtration and return nozzle for directional flow output.

12 Gallon Glass Cube

Offers Panoramic viewing with smooth rounded corners. The Nano Cube Deluxe offers the ideal dimensions for a mini-reef tank that requires depth for proper rock stacking.

Built-in 3 Stage Filtration

The Nano-Cube filtration system allows for better surface skimming and more room in the rear for larger pumps for DIY customers. The filtration compartment is hidden in the rear and provides maximum space for tank inhabitants. All models now include a output return nozzle for directional flow control.

Lighting: JBJ Compact Fluorescent Bulb Lighting

Includes (2) 24 watt CF lamps with a durable (Fulham - UL Approved) remote electronic ballast w/ disconnect cable. Offered with our powerful 50/50 lamps for marine tanks and 6500K daylight for planted tanks. Both lamps include UL Approved German "Snap-In" lamp sockets for easy bulb install and removals. Installed with splash guard lens for lamp protection.


Includes 8 high powered 1.3 watt LEDs. A combination of 3-10K and 5-20K the light output is optimum for coral growth. Utilizing primary and secondary optics and a combination of 10K and 20K LEDs gives an even spread and optimum Kelvin for your marine live. Installed with splash guard lens for.

Fan-Cooled “Flip Top” Canopy
Our new redesigned canopy offers (2) built-in 60x60mm cooling fans that deliver the proper CFM output for heat removal while being very quiet. Both fans automatically turn on with the lighting. Fans are protected with a separate splash guard to resist corrosion and salt creep. Our heavy duty ABS canopy easily flips back and can be held in place for routine maintenance. The front of the canopy offers a feeding door that also flips back for quick access.