Aqua Medic USA Marine Aquarium Water Testing Lab Kit

by AquaMedic

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Get in-depth, comprehensive water analysis for any size aquarium with the world’s FIRST laboratory water testing services for the serious marine hobbyist.

Ultra-High Accuracy & Precision Laboratory Grade Mail-In Water Testing Service.

Order a water test series to quickly gauge the quality of your aquarium’s water. Once the water sample is received, Aqua Medic USA will perform an analysis of 13 essential water quality parameters, and provide you with a thorough report and recommendations.

Simply fill each bottle with water from the same aquarium, fill out the customer information sheet, affix return label to the included package, and drop in the mail! In many cases Aqua Medic USA Water Testing`s water analyst is on standby and will have your water tested within a few hours of its receipt and your results returned the same day.

AquaMedic Water Testing

Testing Parameters:

  • Ca - Calcium
  • Alk - Alkalinity
  • Mg - Magnesium
  • NH3-4 - Ammonia
  • NO2 - Nitrite
  • NO3 - Nitrate
  • PO4 - Phosphate
  • I - Iodine
  • K - Potassium
  • Sr - Strontium
  • Mo - Molybdenum
  • CU++ - Copper
  • SiO2-3 – Silica

AquaMedic Water Testing

Test results will be available on-line including history – graphs and tables, as well as detailed results and recommendations.

AquaMedic Water Testing


  • Kit includes two empty sample bottles and a return label with US postage paid. 

Aqua Medic USA Water Testing is conveniently located in the United States for faster turnaround time and higher accuracy.

*Note: Kits expire 1 year after ship date. AWT instruments are calibrated daily to test marine saltwater only.