GroBeam 1500 Ultima Tile ColourPlus (Unpackaged)

by TMC

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Model No. 1916-US

PGS Item #10-862-01916 (C)

**IMPORTANT: Unpackaged products are only for use on installations and/or in-shop retrofits.

When ordering unpacked lights, don’t forget to order a controller or power supply – PSUs and power cords are sold separately.

Perfect for planted tanks, tropical aquariums and specialist indoor plants. Colored LEDs highlight and enhance the colors in your aquarium.


  • Featuring the latest and brightest generation of white Cree® XP-G PowerLEDs x4 and 2 x green, 2 x red and 2 x blue Cree® XP-E PowerLEDs, specially selected for AquaRay products.
  • Wide-angle beam for maximum and even light distribution.
  • Gives natural shimmer effect (unlike fluorescent lighting).
  • Rugged ABS, aluminum and acrylic housing sealed and waterproof to IP67.
  • Cool running with no noisy fans and minimal heat transfer to the aquarium water, reducing the need for expensive cooling systems and making it suitable for installation in aquarium hoods.
  • Low power consumption (Max 12w) and low running costs.
  • Dimmable with optional AquaRay Controllers sold separately.
  • No bulb replacements - Average lamp life 10 yrs (50,000 hours).
  • Environmentally friendly – long life, very low carbon footprint and NO MERCURY.
  • Designed and manufactured by Tropical Marine Center in the UK.
  • Unrivaled 5 year guarantee*.

Included in the box:

  • 8 x 8in LED Aquarium Lighting Tile.

Options Sold Separately:

  • Wide range of AquaRay Mounting Options available using the Modular Mounting System.
  • Fully controllable with AquaRay Controllers.

    * 2 year guarantee on PSU and 5 year guarantee on lamp unit if unit is registered with TMC. If not registered, a statutory 2 year guarantee applies on both lamp unit and PSU (proof of purchase required).