Orion 165W LED Marine Light Fixture

by JBJ

MSRP: $509.99 (Log in for Wholesale Pricing)

Model No. SL-165

PGS Item #10-800-00093

Sleek strip light aesthetics conceal powerful, controllable LED performance. JBJ Orion SL Series LED Light Fixtures prove high output LED fixtures need not be bulky or boxy in design. Complete fan-cooled LED fixtures neatly house brilliant 2-channel LED arrays in a solid die-cast aluminum housing measuring roughly 6" wide and just 1" high! Easily navigate between manual mode, 6 preset light cycles, and 6 customizable light cycles with included remote.

JBJ Orion SL Series LED Light Fixtures provide maximum output by utilizing a combination of the latest high performing and high intensity Blue, Royal Blue, Cool White CREE XT-L LEDs, and UV-Semi LEDs distributed through 2 channels. 120-degree optics allows the SL-Series to radiate the lights without dark spots or shadowing. Emits PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) levels that support aquarium corals.

  • Fan Cooled Die Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Low Profile
  • Multiple Mounting Options
    • 5 ft Suspension Kit
    • Aluminum Alloy Sliding Legs
  • Integrated 24-hr Timer
  • 3 Modes of Operation
    • Manual
    • 6 Preset Light Cycles
    • 6 Customizable Light Cycles

Model: 36" (Mfg# SL-140)

Dimensions: 32.67" x 6.45" x 1.06" high

Power: 140W

Total # of LEDs: 52